PETER BONE accused the Electoral Commission of 'hounding' Leave campaigners following the 2016 EU referendum, in the House of Commons.

Peter Bone slams Electoral Commission for ‘hounding' Leave campaigners 'come to nowt!'

Mr Bone said: "It is not about figures it is about the way the Electoral Commission has hounded leave campaigners. "Would the honourable member support a review by the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee?" The countries that will be hit hardest by a no deal Brexit (Image: Express)It comes as last week Lord Marvyn King, former Bank of England Governor, stated it is "immensely fortunate" that Britain is not in the EU's Monetary Union as Germany questions the European Central Bank's policy. Sky News' Ian King said: "Earlier this month Germany’s highest court ruled that some elements of European central banks buying German debt was unconstitutional. Lord King replied: "Yes I think it is but I don’t think you should blame the German constitutional court. "They were merely interpreting the European Treaty and the conditions under which Germany joined the Monetary Union. The 2016 EU referendum result (Image: Express)Earlier this month Michael Gove revealed staying in the European Union for another year could cost the UK between £20billion gross and £10billion net. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster outlined the cost to the UK if the Brexit transition period is extended during the Lords' European Union committee. Lord Lamont asked: "Can you be more precise about what the costs of an extension to the transition period would be?" Mr Gove replied: "Yes, for every year continued membership the additional cost would be between £20billion gross and £10billion net."

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