The scientists argue Boris Johnson's relaxation of lockdown measures has not gone far enough.

Coronavirus: Lockdown must be lifted now because there is 'no alternative', scientists urge

While England has seen some lockdown restrictions relaxed , scientists have urged a full reopening of society to get the country back on its feet. Boris Johnson announced an easing of some lockdown restrictions , which were brought in to stop the spread of coronavirus, earlier this month. However, the easing measures – which include allowing unlimited exercise and a potential reopening of schools – do not go far enough, according to Tom Jefferson and Carl Heneghan from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM). “We have the impression that politicians boxed in a corner are reluctant to let go of the strings and the media are incapable of seeing a bigger picture, grounded on what we know of previous pandemics and the little we know of this one.” The pair argue the government and their scientific advisers “should not be subject to an inquest or criticism, which is not constructive”, saying they made decisions “on good faith”. People settle to enjoy the good weather on the beach in Margate, Kent, after the introduction of measures to bring the country out of lockdown. They added: “Any questioning and examination of events should take place very soon, not to castigate or score points but to learn the lessons and implement those changes that could see us more ready for any future similar challenges, be they six months or 100 years ahead.” This model would keep intensive care demand within capacity and "may allow populations and their national economies to 'breathe' at intervals", according to a study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology. A continuous three-month strategy of suppression measures, such as strict physical distancing and lockdown, would reduce new coronavirus cases to near zero in most countries, the study indicated. Looser mitigation strategies such as hygiene rules and shielding of vulnerable groups would require approximately six-and-a-half months to reach the same point, according to the research.

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